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In the design and manufacture of doors include all requirements for durability, reliability and security provided by accepted standards.



We produce doors without ready-made profiles. Canvas, ribs rigidity and box formed from sheet of metal by repeated bending. Technological holes stamped at a specialized coordinative-percussive equipment. Professional software and high precision matrix and absence of  human  factor provide high quality and geometric precision design.



A casing of metal parts performed in modern stoves by hot coloring powder paints with polymerization.

The doors completed with MDF panels high density and laminated with PVC lamina in different colors, including ones which imitate valuable sorts of  wood.



Сomplete automation of the process milling linings guaranted high precision lines. Using vacuum membrane press and strict compliance technologies in the lamination linings provides uniform adhesion lamina and long term trouble-free operation.


In the manufacturing process every doors twiсe tested on the the tasting stand to confirm accuracy, technical serviceability and product quality.